Third Party Payments

Third party payments are when an organization, such as an employer, directly pays all or part of a student’s tuition and fees to Johns Hopkins. Students must submit documentation and complete a brief acknowledgment each semester.

The following are not considered third party payments: 

  • Payments from family members or friends 
  • Payment plans 
  • Employer reimbursement
    • Students who participate in employer tuition reimbursement programs should plan to pay all tuition and fees at the time of registration and follow their employer’s procedures for requesting reimbursements.
    • JHU does not accept contracts with third party payers that require grade/transcript review before payment or other conditions.
    • If you are a Johns Hopkins University employee, visit the JHU Benefits & Worklife Tuition Assistance page for more information.

Students who will utilize third party payments must submit the appropriate paperwork by the deadlines.

Fall Deadline:

August 14

Spring Deadline:

January 22


  1. Request an agreement from your third party payer. Include:
  2. Upload your third party payer agreement (also known as a contract or voucher) to JHU SIS Self-Service each semester/term and before the initial payment due date.
    • If your third party payer does not require you to upload an agreement, you must still complete the acknowledgment. 
    • If your third party pays per course and you add/drop, a new agreement must be submitted.
    • If your third party payer is not listed in the SIS Self-Service dropdown as an option, you will need to attach your agreement to a case using SEAM’s online form. 
  3. Monitor the status of your agreement in SIS Self-Service. Upon submission of an agreement, the status will immediately update with the “Contract Received” status. As your agreement(s) move through the billing process, you will see additional status updates, including those listed below.
    • Contract Received: Your contract has been received by SEAM, and will be/is under review.
    • Contract Accepted: Your contract has been reviewed by SEAM, and was accepted.
      • An anticipated payment will show on your account in the amount authorized in the agreement. This anticipated payment memo does not indicate that the third party has made payment and does not release the student from financial responsibility for those charges.
    • Contract Denied: Your contract has been reviewed by SEAM, and was denied. SEAM will contact you directly via email to follow up.
    • Invoice Submitted: SEAM has submitted an invoice for your contract to your third party.
    • Invoice Rejected: Your third party has rejected payment of your submitted contract. SEAM will contact you directly via email to follow up.
    • Payment Received: SEAM has received payment from your third party. 
  4. Payments not received by Johns Hopkins from the third party payer will become the responsibility of the student.


  • Your agreement must be uploaded before the due date:
    • Fall Deadline: August 14
    • Spring Deadline: January 22
  • Any agreement uploaded after the due date may cause:
    • your classes to be dropped, 
    • your account to be placed on financial hold, and/or,
    • a late fee to be charged by your program. 


  • The third party payer will be invoiced after the registration drop/add date each semester. 
  • Payments are due 30 days from the invoice date. 
  • Payments not received by Johns Hopkins from the third party payer will become the responsibility of the student. 
  1. Log in to SIS Self-Service.
  2. Click “Billing,” then “Third Party Payers,” then “Add New.”

    Screenshot of SIS-Self Service Menu

  3. Select your third party payer from the drop down.

    Screenshot of TPP dropdown selection

    Follow the instructions if your third party payer isn’t listed. 

  4. If prompted, please upload your contract/agreement in PDF format.

    Screenshot of TPP agreement upload

  5. Review the acknowledgement statement and click the check box to sign.

    Screenshot of TPP acknowledgement box

  6. Click “Submit.”

    Screenshot of TPP submit button

Please Note
  • If your contract does not cover the entire cost of tuition and fees, you are required to pay the remaining balance.
    • Students can choose to receive an electronic bill or enroll in the monthly payment plan if it is available at your school to cover any additional costs for tuition and associated fees.
  • Payments not received by Johns Hopkins from the third party payer will become the responsibility of the student.
  • AmeriCorps Education Awards are excluded from this process at the present time.

Third Party Payers

  1. Send an agreement to the student/requester following the requirements below. 
  2. Payments, including an identifier, are due 30 days from the invoice date. 

A third party payer agreement must be written in English, be payable in U.S. Currency and include the following:  

  • Your legal first and last name   
  • Your Hopkins six-digit ID# (an alphanumeric or numeric code located in the upper right corner in SIS Self-Service.)   
  • Agreement amount in U.S. Currency   
  • Semester/term, or duration of program covered by the agreement  
  • A listing of specific charges that will be covered   
  • Any restrictions on fees/charges that will not be covered   
  • Third party payer’s billing address   
  • Name, email address, and phone of contact person for third party payer   
  • Signature of authorized representative (if required by the third party payer)   
  • Purchase order or contract number for unique identification (if required by the third party payer)  

This information is strictly for third party payer use only. Students/parents should refer to the Ways to Pay Your Tuition page.

To ensure the payment can be applied to the student’s account, all payments must include an identifier such as:

  • student’s name, 
  • student’s Hopkins ID (six-character alphanumeric combination) 
  • invoice number

1. Wire Remittance Payment

Johns Hopkins University
C/O M&T Bank
One M&T Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14203
Account Name: Student Accounts
Account #: 970-370-230
Routing #: 022-000-046
Swift Code MANTUS33INT

2. ACH Payment

Johns Hopkins University
Bank of America
1101 E. 33rd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Transit/Routing/ABA #: 052001633
Account Number: 003936830516

3. Check Payment

Student Account Operations
Johns Hopkins University
Garland Hall B075
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-2689

4. Credit Card Payment
  • Please visit to verify whether the specific school/program accepts credit card payments.
  • Payment can be made if the student makes the third party payer an authorized user.
  • To arrange a date and time to share credit card information over the phone, submit a third party payer request via SEAM’s online form.

To contact us, submit your question or request using SEAM’s online form. Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation, and the appropriate staff member who can best assist you will be in touch. 

Third party payer information, including deadlines, is subject to change.