About SEAM

Providing high-quality services so students can focus on their academic journey.

About SEAM

SEAM Leadership Team

Dr. Noemi Crespo Rice
Dr. Noemí Crespo Rice

Associate Vice Provost, Enrollment Services

Headshot of Melvina Johnson
Melvina Johnson

University Director of Financial Aid Operations

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

University Director of Student Support Operations

Craig Smith
Craig Smith

Deputy University Registrar and University Director of Registration Operations

Latoya Thompson headshot
LaToya Thompson

University Director of Student Accounts

Sarah Elvidge

Senior Advisor and Business Solutions Specialist

Grace Rochfort

Strategic Communications and Events Manager

Why Our Process Works

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

Your requests stay saved under your unique profile so we can give you answers based on your circumstances and needs.

Joint Effort

You do not need to go between offices. Our specialized team has the resources to collaboratively and efficiently help you.

Real-Time Updates

Our team members track your request and provide real-time status updates.



The Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM) was created to centralize student services at Johns Hopkins University. SEAM enhances processes and systems in three areas: student accounts, registration, and financial aid. Rather than calling or emailing various offices or departments to ask questions or resolve issues, you can request support through SEAM. At SEAM, the focus of every decision is student-centered.

SEAM’s knowledgeable and highly trained cross-functional student support services team provides personalized assistance in both digital and in-person settings. If you have a question related to student accounts, registration, or financial aid, you can contact SEAM to request assistance.

Staff Highlight


Student Support Specialist 

Favorite part about JHU:

The SEAM dream team! I get to be my authentic self, and I’m empowered and trusted by our strong leadership.

The SEAM support staff goes beyond finding answers for students. We form relationships to help educate students and make them self-starters. I’m happy to be a small piece of their journey.”


Staff Highlight


Student Support Specialist 

Favorite weekend activity:

Reading at the DC Carp Pond, with a view of the Washington Monument in the background

Our team takes great pride in supporting the Hopkins‘ student population. Being a reliable face students can come to for their administrative needs means the world!