During the semester/term, students may incur tuition costs, fees, fines, or assessments. Students are responsible for paying balances in full by the statement due date. At SEAM, we approach debt recovery from a customer service perspective by helping students avoid academic setbacks and serious financial hardship. Our team does this by offering repayment options while maintaining a focus on the debt recovery of the university.

All student account balances are required to be paid in full by the payment due date. If your account has an unpaid balance, you will have a hold placed on your account, preventing registration and the release of transcripts/diplomas. No exceptions will be made to release a transcript/diploma under any circumstance.

1–29 days past due:

  • Your account becomes delinquent (one day after the due date).
  • A financial hold is placed on your account and will remain in place until the outstanding balance is paid in full.
  • You are restricted from registering for the subsequent semesters/terms, and the release of your transcript and diploma is restricted.

30 days past due:

  • First overdue notice is sent to the email of record.

60 days past due:

  • Second overdue notice is sent to the email of record.

90 days past due:

  • Third and final overdue notice is sent to the email of record.
  • Your account is referred to an external collection agency.

JHU will only offer an in-house payment plan for inactive students who are less than 90 days past due. The payment plan prevents your account from going to a collection agency.  The in-house payment plan does not remove the financial hold on your student account until your outstanding balance has been paid in full. A signed promissory note and down payment amount are required at the time of signing for a payment plan. All monthly payment plan arrangements will not exceed the duration of one year. For more information about in-house payment plans, please request support through SEAM’s online form. 

Once an account is 90 days past due, it is forwarded to an external collection agency. The external collection agency will contact you directly. To make payment arrangements, you must contact the collection agency. JHU is unable to return your account to the university once assigned to an agency due to our contractual agreement. You will have a 90-day window (from the date of placement) to pay your debt in full before a report is filed to the credit bureau.  

If your account has been placed with an external collection agency, please read the information below.

  • You must pay your debt in full to the collection agency.
    • When your balance is paid in full to the collection agency, payment will be forwarded to JHU the following month and posted to your JHU student account.
    • Once your payment is posted, your financial hold will be removed automatically.
    • Immediately after you have paid the full balance to the collection agency, you can fill out SEAM’s online form to request your financial hold is lifted. Once the form is complete, confirmation of receipt will be sent to you and a member of our team will be in touch.
  • There are no collection fees or interest added to the amount placed with the collection agency. However, there are convenience fees when using credit card/ACH transactions.
  • JHU does not offer reduced settlement on debt owed.

Eastern Revenue:

  • Phone: (866)-337-8875
  • Hours: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. EST

Access Receivable:

  • Phone: (877)-276-8600/(866)-765-3310
  • Hours: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. EST

Cedar Financial: 

  • Phone: Local (818)-791-4480
  • International (818)-936-6213  
  • Hours: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific   

Security Credit Systems:  

  • Phone: (800)-836-4568 
  • Hours: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

For more information on outstanding account balances, you can request support through SEAM’s online form.