International Payments via Convera

Johns Hopkins University has partnered with Convera (formerly Western Union) to provide our international students with a trusted, secure, and convenient payment method.

How to Make an International Payment Via Convera

Get ready

  • Determine how much you are going to pay to your student account
  • Your account balance can be viewed from the Billing tab in SIS Self-Service
  • Enable pop-ups in your computer’s browser
  • If pop-ups are blocked, you may not be able to see the payment instructions at the end, so be sure to elect to have a copy sent to your email address

1. Begin your payment by either

2. On the Billing tab, select Summary

3. Locate your Current Balance

4. In the Payment Methods box, click Pay by Convera Wire Transfer

Generate a Quote

5. Fill in all payment information fields 

  • Select United States followed by The Johns Hopkins University. Click Next.
  • Select the country your bank is located in. If your country is not listed, Convera will be unable to process your payment.
  • Select the name of your JHU school.
  • Type the amount you will pay in USD.
  • Click Get a Quote.

6. Review your payment options.

  • Any available options will be presented to you.
  • Click Select to choose the one that best suits your needs.

7. Enter all student information noted with an asterisk (*)

  • The student’s 6-character Hopkins ID is required. This number may be found by logging into SIS Self-Service at the top right corner of the dashboard page.
  • All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • Once finished, select Next.

8. Enter the payer’s information

  • If the student is the payer, most of the information will pre-populate from the previous screen.
  • Once all information has been entered, check the Terms of Use Agreement
  • Then click Proceed to Payment.

9. Review payment instructions

  • Please review this information thoroughly for instructions on how to submit your payment.
  • The instructions will be emailed to the payer email address. You can enter an additional email address to send payment instructions.
  • You may also enter a mobile number to receive a text notification once your payment has been sent to JHU.
  • Please retain your reference number for your records.

Complete the payment with your bank

10. Pay online or in-person:

  • Log into your online bank account and use the details that were emailed to you to set up payment online.
  • Go to your local bank branch. Bring the details that were emailed to you. Note that you cannot pay by cash or check.

11. Track your payment

  • Once your payment is received, Convera will process your payment and send it to Johns Hopkins University along with your information for easy posting.
  • You can track your payment with your reference ID or through the tracking link provided via email.


Contact Convera’s team 24/7 via chat or contact JHU’s Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management via SEAM’s online form.